Quito - Ecuador

I'm a passionate Motion Beersigner, I meant Motion Designer. Based in the Middle of the World, surrounded by big mountains and volcanoes, where the fall and the spring have no place and summer and winter fight each other, every day of the year. 
Used to work in some studios in Quito but finally decided, in 2015, to work as a freelancer being the best decision ever. So, now I work remotely in some platforms around the web with Studios and Advertising companies in USA and other countries. This gave me the chance to work in any part of the world, but you will be asking why am I still working in this place surrounded by volcanoes. Well, I formed a family and they love to live in here and not scared at all about their environment.
I made this site where you can see the things I do and if you like them hope you can contact me here: davidjarrino@gmail.com
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